1. Training Objectives

Students will be able to master the basic theoretical knowledge of economics systematically, apply the ways of economic analysis skillfully, and have better ability of analyzing and dealing with economic and management problems, with a good command of foreign languages and computers. Also they are trained to be competent in order to study at domestic and overseas universities or institutes and to assume economic analysis and consultation work for government organizations, financial organizations and business enterprises, becoming compound senior experts with a solid theoretical foundation, strong practical ability and high comprehensive ability.

2. Training Requirement

This major is one of the experimental classes of cultivating basic innovative talents of economics for the Ministry of Education. According to the principle of attaining wide and solid fundamental knowledge, high-quality, international view and research-oriented thoughts, students are required to master the basic theory and related knowledge of economics systematically. They will know the operating mechanism of the market economy, the economic plans, policies and rules of China and the Party, the developing history and current situation of domestic and foreign economy, and the academic trend of economics. Students are also trained to attain the ability of investigating social economy, analyzing economy and do practical work with the help of quantitative analysis and modern technologies, have better ability in verbal and oral expression, and use a foreign language fluently. Graduates from this major should have the following knowledge and abilities:
1. Systematically learn basic theories and research methods of Marxist Economics and Western Economics
2. Get to know the situation of Chinese economic development and system reform and global economic development, and be familiar with the social and economic policies in China.
3. Learn the basic ways to do social investigations, document searches, data inquiry and economic research, and the ability to write about economics.
4. Have comparatively strong ability of practical work, foreign language and computer operation.

3. Educational System and Credits

The education for this major lasts four years with total credits of 155; it offers a bachelor’s degree in economics.

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