1. Training Objectives

This major is devoted to cultivating senior professional talents who have a solid theoretical foundation in economics and management, professional knowledge of accounting, practical ability in accounting, proficient computer skills and foreign language skills, possess an international view, a creative spirit, and the potential of researching and continuing education and can work as accountants, managers and researchers in large state-own enterprises, listed companies, financial institutes, accounting firms, governmental organizations and public institutions.

2. Training Requirement

Students in this major mainly learn the basic theories and knowledge of accounting, auditing and business management and are trained with methods and skills in accounting to analyze and solve accounting problems. Graduates from this major should have the following knowledge and abilities:
1. Attain the basic theories and knowledge of management, economics and accounting
2. Attain the qualitative and quantitative analysis of accounting.
3. Have competence in oral and verbal expression, interpersonal communication, and in collecting information, analyzing and solving the problems of accounting.
4. Get familiar with the relevant domestic and overseas plans, policies and regulations of accounting, and the international accounting conventions.
5. Know the advanced theory research and development trends of the major.
6. Learn the basic ways of document search and data inquiry and have a strong capacity for research and practical work

3. Educational System and Credits

The education of this major lasts for four years with total credits of 155; it offers the bachelor degree in management.

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