Electronic Commerce

1. Training Objectives

Students will learn the systematic knowledge of enterprise, business, and management, the basic knowledge and operation skills of electronic commerce, domestic and foreign e-commerce theories, relative laws and technologies, the main strategy models, and the operating rules of e-commerce. They should also understand the competing environment features under the influence of Internet applications, and attain the ability of analyzing the business problems in the field of e-commerce. A profound understanding of how technology changes commercial affairs and business managing strategies is also required. Students are trained to understand and interpret e-commerce opportunities, have the thinking ability to construct strategies and promote the implementation of the strategies. Graduates from this major can assume the work of practical business management, planning, investigating, counseling and researching of e-commerce in various enterprises and financial institutes. They will also understand the work of e-government management, the application of office automation and the establishment of websites for the government.

2. Training Requirement

Students in this major will know the basic theory, methods and skills of economics, management and e-commerce and have a deeper understanding of issues like the development of e-commerce theory and practice, and the relative laws. Meanwhile, the major also focuses on the following knowledge cultivation:
1. Cultivate the basic knowledge systems of enterprise management and marketing strategies to enhance students’ understanding and thinking ability for operating and marketing the enterprise.
2. Cultivate the technological knowledge that constitutes the basis for e-commerce. Students are required to have a comprehensive understanding of the relevant technologies, the meaning of technologies to the operation of the enterprise and its marketability, as well as the future potential of technology.
3. As for the knowledge of the principles, modes and strategies of e-commerce, students are required to understand and handle the main strategies and principles, attain the ability of sensing the enterprise’s problems, analyzing and solving it accordingly.
Additionally, knowledge of a foreign language, the primary ability to conduct scientific research and practical work, and the necessary knowledge and ability to adapt to future senior career or academic development are also required.

3. Educational System and Credits

The education of this major lasts for four years with total credits of 155; it offers the bachelor degree in management.

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