I. Training Goals and Duration of Schooling

This major aims to develop multi-skilled senior accountants who have a good knowledge of economic management theory and systematic and solid accounting and finance expertise, who have mastered the development trends of management and accounting at home and abroad, and who have a strong ability to do accounting research and engage in the accounting practice. Students are also trained to use a foreign language and in certain modern economic analysis methods and to be expert with computer technology, and are encouraged to be innovative and good at coordinating. After graduation, these students can engage in teaching and research in the fields of accounting and management or related areas, and in the practical work of accounting, financial affairs, and management in business and public institutions, accounting firms, financial institutions, and government departments.

Master’s degree students have a flexible study period of two to three years, and those who complete the required credits and pass the examinations as well as the thesis defense can finish their studies within two or two-and-a-half years.

II. Specialized Research Orientation

No. Research Main Research Content Supervisors
1 Business Financial Accounting

Business Financial Accounting Theory and Practice, and Accounting Standards

Associate Professor Wu Qin Hong
2 Business Financial Management

Corporate financing management, investment management, fund management, and fund income distribution management.

Associate Professor Shen Chang
3 Accounting Information

Theory system of accounting information, implementation of accounting information, and the application, control, and auditing of accounting information system, etc.

Associate Professor Wu Qin Hong
4 Non-Profit Organization Accounting

School accounting standards, education financial management

Professor Yuan Liansheng (Supervisor of Ph.D. candidates)
5 Cost and Management Accounting

Value chain and cost accounting, performance evaluation and management, and strategic management, and strategic management accounting.

Associate Professor Li Yuxiao


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